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The SaniTech Services Approach

We began SaniTech Services with one focus: to build a company that can fulfill the needs of large construction firms while operating with the flexibility and customer-focus of a small, family-run business. We call it small business values with a big business approach.

Today, 85% of our business comes from a core group of legacy clients: this is a true testament to our commitment to building strong, long-term working relationships.


Durable commercial epoxy floors.

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Attractive, safety epoxy coated floors.

and Renovation

Custom-designed, residential epoxy floors.

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Durable, chemical resistant coatings.

Why choose an epoxy coating?

There are good reasons to choose epoxy for your home, business, or industrial building. Epoxy is:

  • Customizable. You can choose any color or combination of colors, including metallic colors. We can also apply graphic decals to your floor.
  • Durable. Whether you install it in a garage or a warehouse, epoxy will withstand high weights, heavy foot traffic, and even high heat.
  • Stain-resistant. You can spill water, cleaning products, and more on epoxy without leaving a stain.
  • Simple to clean. When your epoxy floor gets dusty, you can just sweep it and mop it with warm water.

To find out more about epoxy flooring, call 214-504-1152 right away. Our epoxy flooring contractor can help you decide whether epoxy suits your space.

Clean. Coat. Protect.

We are completely committed to excellence whether it’s our job site protocols or the actual procedure to properly install your resinous coating. We understand the importance of ensuring compliance to the fullest extent.

Industrial epoxy coatings require a very unique approach to consider all of the variables that each facility has. From OSHA regulations to workflow enhancement, we work side-by-side with your design team to achieve the best outcome.

Resinous coatings have an incredible reputation for standing up to the test of time in facilities where commercial vehicles and equipment are in constant rotation.

We utilize a combination of soft washing and power washing methods coined as Super Washing to achieve a superior clean without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals or extreme high-pressure blasting.

Whether your project is an epoxy coating for a chemical manufacturing plant or a home garage where your biggest concern is oil spills, resinous coatings are the safest and most durable form of protection.

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SaniTech Services did a fantastic job on my 2-car garage epoxy flooring. They took their time through the three-day process and were prompt, friendly, and thorough. The floors look amazing!

Warehouses to residential garages, we’ve got a solution.

Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Floor Coatings in Rockwall are becoming the floor of choice from retail outlets & restaurants to residential homeowners. Color and designs can be added to really showcase your polished or coated concrete floor. With the low maintenance and ease of cleaning, concrete polishing has become popular in most large square footage stores, warehouses, hospitals, and convention centers as well. Concrete diamond-polishing technology has changed immensely over the last 10-years and SaniTech Services has maintained its training along with constant research on the best tools, equipment, and methods to deliver you the floor of tomorrow.

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For over a decade, the Shue family has provided complete care and service for concrete and epoxy surfaces to homes and businesses throughout Rockwall and the DFW metroplex. Using only true and proven methods, as well as the most cutting-edge and advanced commercial tools available.

Experience & Dedication

Committed to Excellence

With over 7,000,000 sq. ft. of experience, we will transform your concrete floor into something extraordinary with polished & epoxy coated concrete! Custom resinous floors are custom designed just for you and your property.

Attention to Detail

Critical Details

No matter what the situation, our team of concrete professionals holds high integrity in the way we conduct business with our clients, as well as your clients/customers/guests around them while completing their project. We make sure to clean up after ourselves constantly, leaving a tidy workspace with no hazards that could injure clients/customers/guests in the process of completing our project.


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When you hire us for your concrete polishing & coating services, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your project is done right the first time.