When you look for flooring materials for your building, you find a lot of options that are attractive or durable. You don’t find many that are both. Luckily, commercial epoxy floors fit the bill. You can turn to SaniTech Services, LLC for industrial or commercial epoxy flooring installation services for any kind of business in Rockwall, TX.

Discover Epoxy Flooring:

Epoxy is a fully customizable floor coating that’s available in many colors. You can choose a single color, combine them for a multicolored floor or even choose graphic decals to your floor.

Our commercial epoxy floors are highly durable and stain-resistant. They make an excellent:

  • Garage floor coating, to resist stains from oil spills
  • Workshop floor coating, to hold up under foot traffic
  • Manufacturing facility floor coating, to withstand heavy machinery

Discover epoxy flooring

We can install them in small and large spaces. Plan your commercial epoxy flooring installation with us right away, whether you need a garage floor coating for a one-car garage or factory floor coating for a huge building.