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We consult, design, plan and implement epoxy floor coatings for just about any concrete surface. Our durable and attractive coatings are custom-tailored to fit your facility’s specific needs.

Exterior Cleaning

5-Star Rated Super Washing.

Epoxy Coatings

Durable commercial epoxy floors.

Sanitization Coatings

S7 Sanitization Program.

Super Washing

A typical Rockwall home or business can have Natural Stone, Brick, Stucco, Fibre Cement Siding, Painted Siding, and Roofing with Clay Tiles or Asphalt Shingles. Not to mention the Glass, Wood, and Concrete that make up your Windows, Decking, and Patio. High-Pressure Washing is great for certain surfaces, but blast the wrong surface with it and you’re knocking 10+ years off the life of the material! Power Washing in Rockwall is common and effective, but the high temperature can strip away protective layers. Soft Washing is an amazing technology, which we have helped to pioneer and perfect over the years. But, there are times when it isn’t optimal and even ineffective to use. Enter Super Washing™. We take the best elements of Pressure, Power, and Soft Washing, and combine them with our very own proprietary cleaning solutions and agitation methods that clean each surface in the most effective and least damaging way

Epoxy Coatings

When dealing with the harsh environments that are found in commercial facilities, garages, industrial warehouses, and high-traffic businesses there must be flooring coating in place that can protect the concrete slab from premature deterioration. This is where epoxy flooring has made it’s undeniable reputation, with its unmatched durability.

With epoxy flooring, your facility will be able to handle some of the most intense damage from heavy vehicle and foot traffic, the impact from dropped objects, and even the use of heavy machinery. Did you know that epoxy flooring is able to make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last an average of 2-3 times longer than a bare concrete slab? Epoxy Flooring is also one of the few USDA approved floorings that can be used in food and beverage plants along with medical facilities.

S7 Sanitization

While many great cleaning companies and organizations have moved quickly to create and manage cleaning protocols to suffice the Covid-19 pandemic demands, none of them are unified in their protocols, procedures, or even their implementation. We aim to unify the industry by creating practical solutions to implement in facilities and simplify the procedure to ensure accuracy whether your cleaner is a first-day employee or a 10-year cleaning veteran.

Our 7-step disinfection and sanitization program brings the technology and benefits of medical-grade cleaning direct to your business or facility. We follow the strictest levels of certification while also simplifying the process to ensure proper implementation at even the most basic levels. Together, we can beat this!


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